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Early 2019, Vivienne Westwood dressed ASICS runners with both archival and Renaissance inspired designs, her Kayano 5 and GEL-Saga some of the more interesting collaborations to come out of the brand in the past few years. And now, after a near entire year’s hiatus, the designer is choosing the GEL-Kayano 26 as her next canvas, applying extra layers of fabric in nod to the sack shoes as seen in 1982’s “Nostalgia of Mud” collection.


Composed in two colorways, the silhouette effectively mimics the aforementioned with an additional layer of netting, creating a second dimension of structure parallel to the the iconic Kayano shape underneath. White is far more visually forthright in its various details as the underlying Tiger Stripe is clad in a light tan. Elsewhere, the counter, sole, and the like follow suit in the achromatic shade just as the black alternate whose construction offers an opposing stealth-like make-up.

Grab a detailed look at both here, and though it’s possible we’ll be seeing delays, retailers are reporting an upcoming September 28th release.

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