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Updated October 25th, 2023: The shoes are available now on adidas.com


The team at adidas behind the creation of the collaborative footwear drops with The Simpsons is doing an impressive job with the more nuanced references of the historic animated sitcom.

For the upcoming Halloween occasion, adidas has conjured up a special colorway inspired by Bart Simpson’s long-lost evil twin Hugo, who made his first appearance in the series during the Treehouse Of Horrors VII episode that aired back in 1996. The eldest Simpson child was actually born as conjoined twins, attached at the side of the torso. However, the right-side twin immediately showed signs of violence by biting his brother, so Marge, Homer, and Dr. Hibbert made the difficult choice of separating the two. Bart was raised as a normal child, whereas the “evil” twin was left chained up in the attic and fed fish heads.

Hugo eventually captured Bart and tied him up, attempting to sew themselves back together. His plots were thwarted in time, but it was then that the entire family realized that Bart, not Hugo, was the actual evil twin due to having the scare on his right side. So, in typical The Simpsons cockamamie fashion, Homer and Marge decided to swap the two, assimilating Hugo into the family and leaving Bart chained up in the attic.

The Rivalry Lo is the quintessential Bart colorway in orange, yellow, and blue, but with rough canvas to reflect Hugo’s tattered clothes. The best detail is the embroidered detailing on the medial mid-panels that show the twins’ incision and stitch scars.

A release is likely coming this October, so stay tuned for updates.

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