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Following the close of its 30th anniversary, the Nike Air Max 90 is soon to return in its Golf-ready kit. Relatively similar to the original in design, the pair leverages a number of classic colorways — the most notable of which being the beloved and iconic “Infrared” scheme.


Most of the arrangement is mimicked extremely closely, only the construction itself is distinct as it swaps out the usual fixtures for breathable mesh underlayers and thin, synthetic overlays. Each, though, is imbued with the very same greys, blacks, and titular reds, the latter applied atop the sole, heel, and profile in the very same fashion as its inspiration. Underfoot, the tread pattern is far more fitting for the green, and though paired with the “Golf” branding on the insole, the pair is relatively quiet in its sport-centric purpose. Adjacent, you can also expect to find the model in monochromatic Black/White and a somewhat more colorful yellow-tinted variety.

Grab a detailed look at the three options below and expect to see them at Nike.com very soon.

In other news, the adidas 4D Fusio was just revealed.

Updated January 18th, 2021: A U.S. release date for the “Infrared” has been scheduled for January 28th, 2021.

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