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GmbH, one of ASICS‘ many talented collaborators, has taken an obvious liking to the GEL-Quantum 360 silhouette as they’ve used it continuously throughout their seasonal releases. And now, for Fall/Winter ’20, the brand has indulged in playful coloring as they’ve added a mismatched, alternating scheme to three upcoming releases.


Each of three options, which are effectively two in one by way of appearance, opt for aesthetics far distinct from one another — some are more neutral, seemingly ordinary, while others breath in a vibrant array of battling tones. On one, black leads the entire lateral side of the right foot; its complement, the medial, opposing in a light cream that runs more replete throughout the opposite pair. The next, though a clean Triple White at a cursory glance, makes use of gum tones in a similar fashion as it hits the tread and heel only half the time. Then, to finish, a loud purple comes into play as it dresses against panels of black and sits directly parallel to a somewhat more widespread blue dress.

Grab a detailed look the entire pack right here and expect a release to arrive October 21st at select retailers.

In more collaborative news, have you seen the END ASICS GEL-Lyte III?

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Air Jordans 3 Retro UNC (2020) CT8532-104

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Adidas X Speedportal.2 FG Soccer shoes

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